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Passion for tone

Bugera is an exclusive guitar and bass amplifier brand dedicated to top-shelf vacuum tube and hybrid amplifier design. Developed in cooperation with world-famous recording and performing artists, every amplifier and speaker cabinet is built by hand to meet your highest expectations, in terms of both tone and performance. Our passion for the ultimate in tonal versatility gives Bugera a personality as unique as your own.

Vintage meets high-tech

From the 5-Watt V5 Class-A guitar combo to the take-no-prisoners, 2,000-Watt Veyron bass head, your Bugera amplifier features the vintage tone you asked for, plus the modern technology that puts it head and shoulders above the rest. Thanks to our Infinium Tube Life Multiplier, you are free to use the output tubes of your choice, and the built-in auto-biasing and monitoring features extend the lifespan of your tubes by up to 20 times. In our hybrid systems, Class-D and high-efficiency power supply technologies give you the ultimate punch in a lightweight, easy to transport package.